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Meet our Staffing Team…
Lori Clancy, RN, CRNI Vice President

Lori has over 30 years of experience in the practice of Infusion Nursing and Nurse Staffing. Lori continues to lead the organization into the future with innovative services and products that meet the needs of various customers. Lori takes pride in NursePro’s reputation and NursePro’s ability to provide quality support and patient care to it’s customers. NursePro quickly grew due to her strong fundamental and unyielding belief that if we provide quality service with an emphasis in patient care, repeat business and growth will occur. NursePro has grown rapidly throughout the last decade. The organization’s name has become synonymous with quality, integrity, success, and the ultimate in patient safety.

Rachael Tiedman Business Office Manager

Rachael and her staff of expert consultants are highly adept at providing temporary and permanent infusion nursing services. Rachael has worked for NursePro since it's genesis. Her role includes effectively managing staffing levels, full-cycle recruitment and payroll functionalities within the NursePro organization. Rachael focuses on human resource functions within the organization as well, handling internal recruitment and retention of top talent. Rachael specializes in providing strategic planning and customizing recruitment strategies to our customer base.